Wrecking Crew

Since 2005, the Wingnut Wrecking Crew has been an integral part of testing and developing solutions for real world needs. Each member specializes in different areas of sport recreation and lifestyle. These are their stories...

Robert Finlay
Wrecking Crew

Adventure Racing & Sea Kayaking

"We were first introduced to Wingnut Gear Packs by Scott Gibson right after our 2nd Place finish of the Baja Travesia in 2007, a near 300 mile expedition adventure race over the Baja Peninsula.

Since then, we have worn Wingnut Packs 3, 4, 5, and even 6 days a week; we mountain bike, run, speed hike, or paddle; and usually we are doing combinations of these sports. "

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Erik Goedhart
Wrecking Crew

Mountain Biking, Bike Packing, and Motorcycling

NAME: Erik Goedhart 41
OCCUPATION/TITLE: Owner, King of Hearts Construction

Tour Divide 2012
Trans-North Georgia 2013

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Joey Dolowy
Wrecking Crew

Mountain Biking

NAME: Joey Dolowy
OCCUPATION/TITLE: L.M.F.T. and center of my own universe,( come in for a visit: its only scary at first. )
LOCATION: The Burbs of Los Angeles
AWARDS, MILESTONES, NOTABLE INFO, ETC.: wrinkles from lots of time being outside recreating: some awards: a daughter that buoys my spirit and a wife that helps me schedule time so I can ride, hike, surf, ski, skate, camp and play: And the coolest group of friends that I look forward to riding with every weekend.

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