Hydration Guide Pack

The goldilocks pack, not too big, not too small, juuuust right. If you're a dad with kids hauling a picnic, or a guide leading people to new heights the extra space and mesh pocket gives you just what you need to carry somthing for the team, tools, food , medical supplies, you know who you are and the extra demands you take on for others. It's the same back panel foot print as the 3.0 so there is no additional penalty of additional heat or back coverage just because your willing to take one for the team. Plus when you do treat yourself and drop the extra weight he patented wingpockets have got your back and compress the load so the bag isn't flapping all over the place. We've got your back cause your covering eeryones elses ass.

Features: Low Rider System, Sail Cloth Construction, SideWings
Product Weight: 20oz
Cubic Volume in inches: 1200

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Price: $140.00
Choose an optional hydration bladder for your pack