Two Point Five

Lumbar Hydration Pack

Our truest expression of the Low Rider System - the Two Point Five places its weight low and wide across your lumbar region, leaving your upper torso open for air circulation. With the Two Point Five, you'll get under trees without your pack getting caught and pulling you off your ride. The Wingnut Compression System, with our patented SideWings, easily stores helmets, shoes and more for post-ride organizing back at home. The Two Point Five keeps you ready for the next ride.

Price: $120.00

Three Point Zero

Epic Ride Hydration Pack

Belle of the ball, gear of the year award in 2006 when it was introduced and it's only gotten sweeter since then. 2-6 hours, not a problem, 3-27 days, been there done that. 3 liters of water that disappears on your back and access to gear while your riding that like that girl you fall in love with ruins you for all others. If tyou don't believe me google it.

Features: Low Rider System, Sail Cloth Construction, SideWings
Product Weight: 17oz
Cubic Volume in inches: 800

Price: $130.00


Hydration Guide Pack

The goldilocks pack, not too big, not too small, juuuust right. If you're a dad with kids hauling a picnic, or a guide leading people to new heights the extra space and mesh pocket gives you just what you need to carry somthing for the team, tools, food , medical supplies, you know who you are and the extra demands you take on for others. It's the same back panel foot print as the 3.0 so there is no additional penalty of additional heat or back coverage just because your willing to take one for the team. Plus when you do treat yourself and drop the extra weight he patented wingpockets have got your back and compress the load so the bag isn't flapping all over the place. We've got your back cause your covering eeryones elses ass.

Features: Low Rider System, Sail Cloth Construction, SideWings
Product Weight: 20oz
Cubic Volume in inches: 1200

Price: $140.00


Multi-day Hydration Pack

Gear sluts and commuters line up, this is the bag for you, why??? because nothing highlights the advantages of the low rider system like lots of weight. We dare you to ride with a load like the adventure can haul with any other pack and say you can't tell the difference.

Features: Low Rider System, Sail Cloth Construction
Product Weight: 12oz
Cubic Volume in inches: 1600

Price: $170.00