The Wrecking crew is a branch of performance athletes, adventure travelers, and outdoor professional guides that work with Wingnut to develop solutions to meet their unique environments and needs. The wrecking crew and the feedback we get from these athlete professionals is the back bone of WINGNUT and how we design solutions. It's not just behind a ruler and thread and needle, we operate in the field to meet specific field needs. In fact the name WINGNUT was inspired by the very nature of the spirit that we share with these enthusiasts. The wrecking crew is the back bone of WINGNUT, what we embody and support, 'WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER" seems to be the common thread. Many inspiring people can blur the line between work and play, and so did our own experience chasing these athletes down through desert environments, providing logistical support to help pull off the races. We began to transcend the event itself we ran in support of, we started evolving our own needs. It started designing shelters out of aluminized sail cloth to reflect solar thermal heat, and then solar powered kits. Now with off grid power capabilities like the GEN 2 tent pictured we created a Solar powered airconditioned medical shelter utilized for both heat stokes and VIP comfort..

Through this experience running logistic support for adventure racing and our athletes (specifically one Paul Romero and his baja travesia event) the wrecking crew gave birth to the Ecopioneer program on the sea of cortez. The Ecopioneer equipment we designed and built had to be lighter and more powerful then what was on the market shelf. The "KIT" equipment evolved from a beach solar tracker sun shade, to a solar/wind powered tent in the cow pastures of Pedros bike fest, to the solar powered air conditioned tent running the VIP tent in bootleg canyon during Demo days at Interbike. The Ecopioneer program has been running along side WINGNUT since 2007 and continues to evolve having built hands on training centers for SUNY universities and has been active in designing response plans for rebuilding sustainable solutions after disasters

As we begin relaunching WINGNUT heading into 2017 it has become obvious to us the origins and importance of what the wrecking crew is to WINGNUT. IT IS OUR FOUNTAIN HEAD OF CREATIVITY, A COMMUNITY OF PEOPLE PUSHING AN EDGE, AND OUR SUPPORT TO GET THEM THERE AND BRING THEM BACK HAPPY AND HEALTHY. There are alot of things we have been up to while we waited for the cycling market to catch up to what we launched way back in 2005. What has become common place today, like the sail cloth materials and the low rider positioning, we pioneered, and then moved on to create the ecopioneer program. Ecopioneer is essentially WINGNUTS logistical support for adventures by bike, by kayak, or any off grid environment you could imagine.

Long story short, WINGNUT is more then just back packs. While you may not need a solar powered airconditioned shelter, or a wind turbine that creates heat from cold winter wind, we know people who do. And i can build just about anything from my shop at this point.

As such we are in the middle of launching a new initiative called "WORKSHOPS FOR STANDING ROCK". We have already shipped the 20x40 alpha tent to Oceti Sakowin and are busy wiring up solar as well as a wind turbine for deployment in January.

Just thought you might like to know a little more about WINGNUT, perhaps explain some of the reasons why people wonder about us, its not just a name, its a life style. WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER.