Joey Dolowy

2020 COVID

Made in USA Packs and Masks

Wrecking Crew
Area of Expertise: 

Mountain Biking

NAME: Joey Dolowy
OCCUPATION/TITLE: L.M.F.T. and center of my own universe,( come in for a visit: its only scary at first. )
LOCATION: The Burbs of Los Angeles
AWARDS, MILESTONES, NOTABLE INFO, ETC.: wrinkles from lots of time being outside recreating: some awards: a daughter that buoys my spirit and a wife that helps me schedule time so I can ride, hike, surf, ski, skate, camp and play: And the coolest group of friends that I look forward to riding with every weekend.
WHY DO YOU USE WINGNUT GEAR: I love my wingnut packs: Each pack is perfect for me while riding, hiking, amusement parking, and carrying my assorted needs around. The Hyper 2.5 is my all time favorite: in the winter in keeps my low back warm and allows me to carry my gear, low and securely attached to my body: In the summer I feel cooler with the upper back free and clear. The Split back is another favorite, a more traditionally shaped pack, that is pared to the bare necessities. The bigger packs are my go to devices for trade shows, Parks, family outings and travel. Even the really old phone case/holder/attachments are still used and moved from pack to pack depending on my daily needs. WINGNUT has made my riding more comfortable, efficient and in my opinion, COOL. I love each and every pack, and have used them to the point of showing wear, that I am proud to have earned with miles of smiles. Get a pack and let it improve your time while carrying things on your body. Scott has been ahead of the development curve for modern pack for a decade, a long decade of not being properly recognized and I want to stand up, yes, I am standing, I know, it is hard to tell as I am short, and let everyone know:: Scott G, the man behind WINGNUT, is SMART, COOL, CREATIVE, INNOVATIVE, NICE, COMPASSIONATE, and one great FATHER TO HIS 3 SONS. Support a really great person who works to make our excursions better. SCOTT I SALUTE YOU, FOREVER.