Shanna Powell

Wrecking Crew
Area of Expertise: 

Mountain Biking

Shanna Powell
Brevard, NC
Mountain Bike Skill Instructor and owner of EndlessBikeGirl MTB Skills, LLC
Owner and only employee of EndlessBikeCo.

My bike career began in 2006 when I got a job in a bike shop in Asheville, NC. In 2008 I purchased a small singlespeed component brand called EndlessBikeCo. and I've been running EndlessBikeCo which is probably the tiniest component brand in the industry ever since. That's also the first year I discovered the Wingnut 3.0 and I've been hooked ever since. As far as bags go, I'm pretty sure that for its size it's one of the lightest riding bags on the market. In 2015 I got my first MTB Skills instructor certification and am now a PMBIA level 3 MTB Skills instructor who is permitted and insured to teach in Pisgah National Forest, DuPont State Recreational Forest and at Ride Kanuga Bike Park. I'm also a Leave No Trace Master Educator and a Wilderness First Responder. I've done a little racing in my time...I like the long, slow, technical grueling races like Pisgah Productions PMBAR and Enduro style races but I'm really just more of a rodeo clown. I'm not a competitive person and I just don't really care about going that fast or winning...though it is a treat when I do! I'm never gonna pass on a fun, let's session every technical bit on the trail, drink beer, and friend ride in order to train. Hill repeats? Oh hell no. Intervals? Nope. I love riding bikes and try to share that love with other riders every chance I get!

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