Casa De Gibby Wanderer

Casa d gibby HOUSE PACK

Wanderer day pack, this pack (gunsteel/black dobby weave material) was posted for Guest use on July 19/2022. Guest buy this pack for a discount, or click through to OFF THE WALL SHOP for other new, unused, Wanderer pack color ways.

Designed for FRONT SWING ACCESS , pockets are easily opened and picked through without having to put the pack on the ground.

Can carry hydration bladder or a small lap top tablet for weekend and weekday use.
Large expandable bottle pocket carries up to a large 32oz bottles or stuff it with an umbrella.

WINGNUTS focus on High design functional use, now in a minimal package. A TORSO designed pack it can be used throughout the winter when skiing as it rides above the chairlift set back.

Features: 2L Bladder pouch/laptop compatible
Front Swing access
blanket straps, water bottle/umbrella holder
Product Weight: 17oz
Cubic Volume in inches: 800

SKU: 60
Price: $100.00